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exact maintenance System BGA3600
exact maintenance System BGA3600
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Trade name】:exact maintenance System Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:BGA3600

   1、 BGA3600 integrated structure design,can repair different sizes of BGA, QFP, CSP etc)
   2、 BGA3600 mainly include accurate Optical Position and Pick & place System, Dark IR
   Reflow Soldering System, Software Control System, Visional Inspection System.

Optical Position and Pick & place System:】:

  A、 High precision linear guiderail and turning platform can realize X-Y-Z direction and Nozzle adjust by Φ angle (360°) and four dimensions
   B、 CCD, optical device and soft color splitting technology is composed of high precision optical mounting system, which can directly observe PCB pad and chip PIN foot overlap, position accurately and easy to operate, Max BGA size that can be mount is 70*70mm
   C、 High-fi CCD camera provides dual output signals of PAL and VGA, has amplifying, micro-adjust,focus automatically, software operation function, software operating functions, image BGA chip and PCB on LCD with 30X optical zoom.
   D、 BGA3600 mounting accuracy is ±0.02mm.
Dark IR Reflow Soldering System:】:
  BGA3600 uses up and down back dark IR heating system, dark IR reflow soldering features as follows:
   1. Rework table doesn’t use infrared ordinary but dark IR, wavelength is strictly controlled in 2-8 micron, any color of the objects almost fully absorb IR in the range of wavelength
   2. Rework is different from reflow, it is processed for a single component, there is no masking phenomenon. It features high thermal efficiency, no air disturbance, which particularly is suitable for repair work, especially BGA rework.
Comparison between Torch rework station and hot air rework station】:

  A. Upper uses dark IR ceramic heating, heating area is 80 * 80MM.
   B、 BGA surfacetemperature distribution measured picture (△ T = 0), actual tested shows that BGA,CSP surface temperature distribution is uniform.
   C、 No heating nozzle on rework system, which is not only easy-to-use but save money to buy the nozzle. In addition, BGA3600 can use reflective foil ways to reduce the heat transmitted to adjacent components.
   D、 The rework system is open, which not only can be used to correct temperature curve by solder melting point, and the entire solution of de-soldering and welding can be seen clearly.
   E、 Due to no hot air effect to the device, the surface temperature of component is distributed uniformly,BGA, CSP welding position will not tilt and out of the place.
   F、 It is no difference to remove the CSP component with filler at the bottom, due to no nozzle blocks,you can take off the component by a forceps after solder melting.
   G、 It is very convenient to remove and welding shaped components, such as strip connectors and various forms of shielding enclosures
   H、 Easy to realize lead-free rework process, because the temperature can be precisely controlled and the heating temperature is even, which meets the requirements of lead-free soldering process.
   I、 BGA, CSP ball-planting success. In the process of planting the ball, you can see that a lot of small balls don’t placed on the original component in arrange, under the reflow soldering temperature, the small solder balls can be fully melt. As surface tension of the liquid solder, small self-aligning ball arranges automatically, that means the ball is planted successfully. In the absence of the role of air power, the ball will not be rolled together to form short-circuit, Re-balling quality is very good.
   J、Large size dark-IR preheating plate at bottom, which can meet the requirement of large-scale PCB board.

Software Control System】:
  1, High precision welding system: de-soldering and welding process is controlled by computer software automatically, limitless different of set temperature can be stored in the computer according to the specific requirements of welding technology curve and BGA rework curve.
   2、Each technical curve can achieve the temperature curve simulations (40 segments temperature curve control) to improve the quality of welding. At the same time, two temperature probes, one for temperature measurement and control of the heating region, and the other can be stick on the welded components to test the actual temperature for the amendments to the temperature value of the heating region
   3, Reflow soldering temperature profile generated automatically and stored in the computer, they can call at any time. LCD screen displays real-time temperature curve. Also shows two sets of temperature values and working time.
   4, High-quality PC (Windows XP) system and BGA rework station system software, you can set reflow parameters according to the component characteristics.

  Welding Visional Inspection System:
   Uses Industrial camera to monitor the whole technical process of reflow soldering on BGA rework, you can see the solder ball melting process clearly for setting welding curve better to improve welding quality effectively.

  Spare Part and Accessories
   PC, BGA re-balling station, BGA template, Solder Ball, Flux solder, De-soldering wick, Clear Solution, Forceps.
   Technical Parameter:



Total power


Hot Air heating at top


Dark IR preheating


Working voltage


Control mode


Mounting Accuracy


Position system

Double color soft light splitting technology

PCB size


PCB thikness


Software control system

Based on WINDODS control software

Mounting component size


Pick-up strength


Temperature control system

Intelligent K type temperature control system,
closed loop control

PCB transmission

Software control, move automatically

PCB driving system

High precision guiderail

Technical curve

40 segments temperature control

Inspection system



About 50kg



Spare part and accessories:
BGA re-balling station    1(standard)
Vacuum pan    1 (optional)
BGA template    Different BGA shall be customize
Flux solder   1 tin/ 100g (standard)
De-soldering Wicks   1 (standard)
Clear solution   1 box (standard)