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BGA800-IR repair system
BGA800-IR repair system
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Trade name】:repair system Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:BGA800-IR
   1. Components
   Hot air rework station BGA800 1 set
   2. BGA800 introduction
   BGA800 rework station mainly be used in repairing BGA chips industry which include desk computer、notebook PC、mobile phone、game machine and others, it can meet lead and lead free. Simple design, perfect function, easy operation, little power consumption, energy saving.
   Infrared soldering heating, even and stable heating temperature, don’t need replace nozzle.
   It is a multi-function and usage repairing system. BGA、CSP、QFP、PLCC、SOP and others are applied for BGA800; Beside standard components, strip connector, electrical outlet ,melt shield and other abnormity are repaired; surface components, through hole  components like PGA are repaired, too.
   Economical investment, we consider real production and cost during designing the machine. Accurate temperature, exact solder efficiency and better BGA position which reduce investment cost.
Optical Position and Pick & place System:】:
    3、BGA800 repairing process
   The repairing principle: Double dark infrared heating makes solder spot melt or solder paste reflow to arrive unsoldering and soldering.
   3.1preheat PCB
   Please use aluminum foil surrounding chips (it doesn't need if there is anti high  temperature parts) to protect no high temperature chips, please put PCB on the shelf, preheat PCB which is important. Purposes: A get rid of PCB humidity; B avoid PCB warping because of temperature difference; C assist unsolder and solder
   3.2 remove chips
   Adjust heating head of BGA800 on the top of repairing chips (2-3cm), the thermocouple touches repairing chips and heat to unsolder them. The higher temperature is ok if PCB can suffer high temperature and chips are deserved. Please use some solder flux near components to heat even.
   3.3 clean solder pad
   Please use cleanser and solder tin to clean solder flux and solder paste which is leaving on PCB after removing chips. To make the BGA stable, it is usually that leaving solder paste don't be used and please clean them.
   3.4 solder flux
   Solder flux is important for repairing BGA. Please use better solder flux (water-solubility、no clean solder flux) to get good success.
   3.5 place chips
   There is no video mounting function in BGA800 rework station, manual mounting is ok  for BGA chips whose interval are more than 0.5, chips will correct automatically with pull 3.6 infrared heating and solder reflow Infrared heating soldering is the key for whole process, please set temperature according to lead and lead free requirement.
   The principle of infrared heating With the development of new digital products, high density and small electronics are developing faster and faster. There are more smaller components like 0201、0101 and 01005, BGA、 CSP and others advanced encapsulation chips are more and more, at the same time, lead free solder is promoted, all of them are great challenge for SMT equipments and process. Repairing system is important parts, below are new technologies in repairing.
   Nozzles are not necessary For repairing system, nozzles are necessary, but it is not easy to prepare all kinds of nozzles.
   The price is expensive because of anti high temperature and stainless steel material, and the upgrade period is very short for electronic products, new encapsulations appear, nozzles and smaller encapsulation chips are difficult to process.
   Hot air will generate disturbing air during nozzle and make speed different, and then the temperature are uneven in heating zones, the temperature difference △T will increase. The nozzle should cover repairing components during repairing; therefore there is at least 3mm space among components which is difficult for high density PCB, if hot air nozzle is too high, it is easy that solder pot melt and even blow near components.
   Closed loop improves repeating Virtually repairing system is a choosing reflow solder. Setting suitable temperature file is necessary for unsoldering and soldering chips on PCB. But at present setting and adjusting temperature profile are inconvenient in repairing system, because there are many factors like temperature setting 、 components encapsulation、 size 、 nozzle size、nozzle airflow 、 PCB thickness and so on. It means the professional person and testing PCB are necessary.
   during reflowing. Please use video position BGA rework station if BGA interval is less than 0.4 to make picking accuracy.Infrared repairing system is one-step repairing system, it will take several hours to learn and use it.

   Technical Parameter:



input voltage

AC220V 50/60Hz 10A

total power


bottom heating power/ the
highest temperature


bottom preheating area


top heating power/the highest temperature


temperature feedback

RTD sensor, closed loop controlling

max size of chips


min size of chips


max weight of chips


max size of PCB


max thickness of PCB



BGA, CSP, LGA( Land Grid Array), Micro SMD,MLF,BCC


400×350 ×410mm


About 10 KGS