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Desoldering worktable BGA900-IR
Desoldering worktable BGA900-IR
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Trade name】:Desoldering worktable BGA900-IR Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:BGA900-IR
    The desoldering worktable BGA900-IR is manufactured by our company which is heating by infrared ray in double-sided, can heat from the top and preheat at the bottom. Suit to welding, removal or repair BGA, PBGA, CSP and variety of packages, can meet the multi-layer PCB substrate and unleaded welding requirements. Configuration can be completed on the planting table BGA to plant the ball. The device repair welding`s mainly target is motherboards and graphics chip BGA of PC, desktops, switches, XBOX(including graphics chip, vedio card etc.).

Features of BGA900-IR:
★ Double infrared ray heating systems, can heating at the top of the components and the bottom of PCB at the same time, compared with the Cyclones, the heating process is more stable and avoid uneven heating of the PCB which can cause warp; the use of advanced infrared heating methods needn`t replace the heating nozzle, this also save the cost of investment.
★ Advanced temperature system:Independent heating from top to bottom and also independent temperature control,welding finished with the alarm function ,all this characteristics can be more convenient and comfortable.
★ Fashionable appearance:black full design, arc top heater, small size, and could be palced in a 400MM room.
★ Chip oriention:Red laser BGA chips center oriention is easy to operate.
★ Large area heating and preheating system:Top heating 80×80MM,bottom heating 200×200MM. It could be easy to deal with heavy thermal capacity PCB and other lead-free soldering.
★ Integrative design:All-purpose oriention bracket and PING could achieve sustainment and fixation of big size PCB. So, it is easy to prevent and rectify some transformable mainboard, to fixup the PCB board and ensure the success of maintainment.
★ Economical investment:Fully considered the reality of common maintain department,not only cut off the cost, but also ensure the quality.
★ More users:small cubage, large warm-up area, very suit to computer mainboard,notebook PC, and individual maintain department.It is convenient to transport and convey.

Remark】: BGA900 IR desoldering worktable characteristic:
Brand: TORCH
Top Heating Power:300W
Top Heating Area:80*80mm
Bottom Warm-up Power :600W
Bottom Warm-up Area : 200*200mm
Power: 900W
Power Supply : 220V
Dimension : 400 mm×350 mm×410 mm

Tips:If the customer have special maintainment demand or need more powerful BGA worktable, please contact TORCH S&T BGA1200, BGA1200V, BGA3100, BGA3200, BGA3600, BGA6100, BGA6200, BGA6600 video.
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