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Trade name】:Spray etching machine PM141 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】: PM141


This spray etching machine extends the application about etch technology. It is widely used in laboratory and small-batch former manufacture. Develop, cleaning, etching can be finished by one equipment. It means more convenient. The particular spray technology can save the developing agent and the developing time greatly.

1、The whole body is made of light blue plastic. It is beautiful and easy to observe when being used.
2、Unique spray technology can save the developing agent and the developing time greatly.
3、Independent drainage design in every groove,convenient operation.
4、The clamp size of PCB can be adjusted;
5、Rapid Heating, constant temperature can keep at 45℃.
6、Developing groove and etching groove allocates thermometer, it is convenient to measure the temperature.
7、Anti-corrosion salver.
8、Adjustable corrosion ranged.
Add: If the user had any special request, please arrange with us.
Technology parameters】:
   1、Max PCB developing size:430*250mm
   2、Etching way: double spray and filter
   3、Etching speed:90-120 second
   4、Etching capacity:6-8L
   5、Spray head number:8
   8、Power supply:AC220V