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leaf-free hot air and reflow oven
Full hot air lead-free reflow Oven with six heating-zones TN360C
Full hot air Reflow Oven TN380C
Full hot air Reflow Oven TN380C
Full hot-air Reflow Oven TN370C
Full hot air lead-free Reflow Oven with five temperature-zone TN350C
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones A8
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones A8N
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones A10
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones A10N
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R800
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R800N
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R1000
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R1000N
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R1000N
Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R1000N
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Trade name】:Large-size lead-free Reflow Oven with Eight heating-zones R1000N Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:R1000N



Heating -zones

8 heating-zones,16 heating, 2 cooling

Heating length

2900mm 2900mm

controlling area

room temperature to 360℃

Controlling accuracy


difference in temperature


calefactive time


cooling way

compulsion cooling air(can choose water cooling)

PCB size

50-400mm;can be made to order(max 500mm)

PCB transportation height


transportation way

Chain and net tape to transport

transportation direction

L-R (can choose R-L)

transportation speed


Chain’s wide range

50-400mm;Can be made to order

net tape width


power off protection

UPS for Conveyor & PC

power supply

AC 380V 50Hz

abnormity alarm

temperature abnormity alarm

normal/start power

15/65 kw

mm dimension


net Weight


Nitrogen protection

standard configuration (should choose O2 analysis setting)



cost of Nitrogen


Mainly configuration listing

controlling system

SIEMENS? CPV,SIMA temperature controlling panel.(Also can choose the Torch researched )


researched by Torch


above P4 of HP and Levovo `s configuration,15 inch LED screen.

without-electricity switch

French Schneider

solid-state relay

Taiwan fotek (can choose Korea Deke)

intermediate relay

Japanese Omron



single without-electricity operates

French Schneider

transportation motor


circulation? motor

Taiwan Sanyue


LONG SHENQ ELECTRONIC,shelf life is 100 thousand hours.

transportation motor

Korea SPG




Taiwan Motor


high temperature international standard wire

temperature test sense organ and connector


R series specialty
1:Heating system:Our patent heating system . temperature warm up quickly and can keep very stable, High effective can save Electronic 。It is adopted in jointing the PCB and CSP component.
2, Wind wheel is our patent design, that is assure to supply stable wind pressure.
Every heating room is controlled separate circle system. Heating both upper and lower part can make the temperature stable, accurency and keep in a high level.
3, The oven cover adopts electromotion motor system that can make it safe and clear.
Automatic follow system of the PCB panel and alarm when the fan and temperature is abnormal. Trouble diagnoses and sound-light alarm.?
Warm up quickly, from room temperature to work temperature only need 20min。
Imported high quality motor which can bear high temperature and high speed. The wind is calm and the sound is small.

B:Smooth and safe transmission system:
The chain and net tape work at the same speed and be controlled by the computer. The accuracy is ±1.5%。
The Guideway is made from good aluminum alloy, It has high hardness and can’t transfiguration easily.
Add oil is controlled by the computer. That can make the transportation smoothly and longer the using life of the guideway and chain.
Add the fresh air to the different room continually, that can make the air pressure kept at the same level. So the heat content is high.
Reclaim the Nitrogen and rosin system can take out the O2 and add the Nitrogen quickly
Control the soldering flux and Nitrogen `s direction and flux,and nitrogen is airproof and can reclaim, that can save the cost.
Soldering flux’s filtration net is designed a drawer, which can be clean easily.
Pump Cooling system
The cooling speed is 6-8℃/sec, the tin ball is bright and smooth,PCB `s temperature is below 70℃ when it came out.
Strong model software controlling system
The switch can delay turn off time to protect the machine to make the temperature to cool down slowly. That can prevent the component on the tape to transfiguration.
When the power off, this machine can still transport PCB board out and can make no damage to it.
The machine can count the PCB’s quantity when it works.
Controlling the room by PID indepently, can check the temperature and analysis the data, then transfer the result? to type.
Transportation system is controlling by computer so the transportation speed and fan speed can adjust at any rate.
Auto supervision to show the working condition and test every connector of the equipment.

Four protection system.
Creepage protection: Apply the CHNT creepage to assure the safety of the person and equipment.
Auto Daley protection: For installing UPS,it can protect the controlling system and PCB when the power off.
Cover protection: When the temperature gets high, we can open the cover quickly to prevent the damage to Equipment and PCB.

Sound-light alarm function: It will alarm when there is trouble, and the trouble can be recorded for maintenance.