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Desk-type Reflow Oven T100
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Desk-type Reflow Oven T100
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Trade name】:Desk-type Reflow Oven T100 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:T100


Along with the development of the electric technology, SMT is used more and more widely. The mini-type product line which is made by Torch is good for the popularization of SMT. Torch will contribute itself to the development of the electric industry of China.
According to practical requirement of the clients, T100is designed and manufactured by Torch technologists on the basis of technical accumulation for many years. It has many specialties such as high precision, multi-function; practicality; steady capability; long life; energy-saving with high efficiency; viewable operation. It is been adapted in research center, war industry, middle- and small-sized corporation, small Private Corporation and other electronic production companies.
Main Features :
A. High precision. Multi-function. It satisfies all welding requirements of 0201 resistance and capacitance, fine spacing QFP, SOP, PLCC, BGA,CSP and so on. It meets the requirements of small batch and multimode product. It is also suitable for laboratory to take research.
B. Energy-saving with high efficiency; A machine with several uses. It can be used to solidify SMT -Adhesive.
C.Long life and smooth capability.
D.Visible operation. It is the best choice for teaching and scientific research.


Main technical parameter:



Work area / Temperature control segment

10~40segment, the number of temperature control segment and the temperature control accuracy is the highest in China. User can set the segment according to the requirements in soldering machine.

Temperature-zone numbers

Single segment and multi-segment control

Temperature control system

Automatic temperature control with PID intelligence microcomputer. SSR non-contact output.

Warm-up time


Temperature range

Room-temperature -300℃

Heating supply

Infrared ray + Hot air convection

Effective working table area

330mm*230mm(less than A4)

Welding time


Temperature curve

More temperature curve can be set in soldering machine according to the requirements.

Cooling system

Transverse flow equal cooling

Rated voltage

AC single-phase,220V,50Hz

Rated power


Mean power



39 kg


Length*width*height 610*440*310mm

Add: If the user had any special request, please arrange with us.