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minitype Reflow Oven
Desk-type Reflow Oven T100
minitype Reflow Oven T100A
Lead-free Reflow Oven T200A
minitype Intelligent lead-free Reflow Oven T100C
minitype Intelligent lead-free Reflow OvenT200C
Nitrogen lead-free reflow oven T200N
Lead free reflow oven with temperature testing T200C+
Lead free nitrogen reflow oven with temperature testing T200N+
Mini-type Full hot air Reflow Oven T300
Full hot air Reflow Oven T3A
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Trade name】:Full hot air Reflow Oven T3A Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:T3A


Minitype Reflow Oven T3A

Temperature control system: Automatic temperature control with PID intelligence microcomputer
Heating : metal heating machine
Transmission system: AC conversion CVT motor and 1:100 vortex reducer.
Alarm system: automatic pilot light alarm
Main features:  
A. High reliability, Heating component which made in the high temperature condition.
B.High agility, five temperature-zones. It meets the requirement of SMT welding. It can be used as solidified stove at the same time.
C.Reasonable price, long life
D.Small volume. Save electricity. It meets the requirements of small-type and multimode product in manufacturer .It is also suitable for laboratory to research.


Main technical parameter:



Temperature control segment


Temperature-zone numbers


Temperature control system

Automatic temperature control with PID intelligence microcomputer. SSR non-contact output.

Warm-up time


Temperature range

Room-temperature -360℃

Heating supply

Full hot-air convection

Transmission belt

Stainless steel netting belt

Transmission belt width


Transmission speed

0-1600 mm/min Adjustable

Warning system

Automatic warning with pilot light or sound over-temperature

Protection system

When power is out suddenly, you can start up special operation set to send PCB into the stove so that element could be protected

Cooling system

Up and down transverse flow equal cooling

Power supply

Three-phase and four wire,380V or 220V

Max power



260 kg


length*width*Height 1900*620*1200mm

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