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wave soldering TB680
台式minitypewave soldering机TB680
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Trade name】:wave soldering (bench top modell)TB680 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:TB680


 TB680 has been developed by Torch, aiming at the practical status of the current soldering technology inland. It occupies the vacancy of the small automatic wave soldering inland. It adapts to the research and production in research center, war industry, middle- and small-sized corporation, small private corporation and other electronic production companies. The whole machine is a desk-type. The reasonable frame takes up little room. It has complete functions and it is cheap, however energy-saving with high efficiency. Besides TB680 is easy to operate and reliable in soldering so that it could be widely used, especially suitable for small and middle amount of production. TB680 could be the best device to replace the soldering iron by hand and the dip-soldering with tin pan.

  Compared with bigger ones, TB680consumes less energy. Quickly tin melting, easy to operate, simple to repair as well as maintain, automatic self-protection.

  Electric control is designed assembled. The soldering tin temp, conveying speed, height of the crest, preheating time and so on can be all adjusted. Digital display for the temperature of the soldering tin. It is just an ideal device for producing small batch and developing new products.



1.High agility: it is convenient for TB680 to control every soldering technical parameter and a high quality could be ensured.
2. Digital display of soldering temperature.
3. High reliability: high temperature sintering heating element make the machine perform steady and reliable.
4. Widely used: TB680 can replace brand iron soldering and soldering device in middle and little batch of production. It can satisfy every requirement of soldering production.
5. High efficiency: Productivity would be advanced.
6. Reasonable price, long life
7.Small size and power consumption. It meets the requirements for the production in the laboratory and factory.

Technical parameter for TB680 :



The max power consumption


Solder pot capacity


PCB width (L×W)(mm)

200 X 270mm (Max)

Temperature range


Preheating temperature


Wave height adjust range

3~ 8mm

Melt time


Spray work mode


Power supply

220v 50Hz

Conveyor speed

0.5~ 2m /min CTV


840 X 540 X 380mm