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全自动wave soldering机TB880
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Trade name】:Automatic soldering TB880 Tel】:010-51669522||13331091975
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:TB880


   Torch TB880`s advantages is low energy consuming, quickly tin melting, easy to operate, simple to repair as well as maintaince, automatic self-protection. The tin pump with single bath and double wave crests is independently controlled in order to get rid of missing soldering. The sprayer for the welding flux can make the spraying equally and adjusted neatly. Modularized design makes it convenient to disassemble the machine and to clean the inside. TB880 can be connected with other equipments to achieve automatic production. Elastic titanium claws drive PCB smoothly and reliably. The High-temperature heating sintering elements are used to make it have a Long life, it also have automatic alert function for over high temperature.


■. Small power consumption: TB880 is energy-saving designed. The capacity of the soldering tin is only 90 kg. It is suitable for middle and small sized companies and factories.
■.High agility: it is convenient for TB880 to control every soldering technical parameter and a high quality could be ensured.
■.Digital display of soldering temperature.
■.High reliability: High temperature sintering heating element make the machine perform Steady and reliable.
■.Widely used: TB880 can replace brand iron soldering and soldering device in middle and little batch of production. It can satisfy every requirement of soldering production.
■.High efficiency: Productivity would be advanced.
■.Reasonable price, long life.


Technology parameter for:



The max power consumption


Soldering tin capability


Spray mode of Flux


PCB width


Temperature range

200 -300℃

Conveyer belt speed

0.5 -3m CTV

Preheating temperature


Wave crest rang

5 -12mm

Power supply

380v Three phase and four wires


3100×1100× 1500mm

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