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manual dispenser TD2000D
automatic dispenser TD3310
manual dispenser TD2000D
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Trade name】:manual dispenser TD2000D Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:TD2000D
    Manual High Precision Dispenser TD2000 control the size of the colloid though adjust the press of the pin tube, the time of droping glue,and the size of pinhead. After the three factors are settled, it will drop equal glue liquid(<±0.1%) by footplate switch.
    It could gelatinize as well. Tt means that it could control the quantity and shap of the glue by open and close the switch to satisfy special demands.

A、Easy operation
、Various functions. Manual dispenser could not only daub glue but daub solder paste. In the experiments it save cost and ensure the quality.
、Power supply: 220V
、Gas supply: 0.4~0.7MPa
、Standard Collocation:0ne host computer, one pedestal, and six pinheads(different apertures)