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automatic dispenser TD4410H
automatic dispenser TD4410
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automatic dispenser TD3310
automatic dispenser TD4410
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Trade name】:automatic dispenser TD4410 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:TD4410
    Automatic dispensers,which are universal electro-equipment,have been widely used in the fields of electro-element making ,PCB assembly,wiring making,IC encapsulation,exact apparatus,biomedicine,light industry,packing,food and so on.Our products take advantage of control movement and dispenser technology and have the advantage of easy operation,stable fuction, and economical.

    The structure and figure dimension are shown as Picture One. They assist of Y1 and Y2 axis control movement panel,X and Z axis.The base is configured with touch screen controller and it is convenient to control the process.

1. Four axes control,high speed and precision,excellent dispenser and motility function
2. External Chinese touching screen controller easily to revise exactly,high quality,improve efficiency,convenient and reliable.
3. Best price with high quality
5. Effective scope:X axis—400mm(move to right or left)
                   Y axis—400mm(move forward or backward)
                   Z axis—100mm(move up or down)
6. The maximal speed: X axis—800mm/s
                      Y1 axis、Y2axis—800mm/s
                      Z axis—300mm/s
7. Repetition precision: ±0.02mm
8. Drive method:step motor laser & synchronous belt
9. Most bearing:worktable—8kg , Z axis—3kg
10. Control method:port to port,beeline and arc
11. Programme method :touch screen control,PC program input
12. Program capacity:100 programs/6000 ports
13. Power supply: AC220V
14. Air pressure: 0~6Kgf/C㎡
15. Dimention: 680mm(L)*750mm(W)*740mm(H)
16. Weigh:about 55 Kg
17. Control panel;start,reposite,sease
18. Programme interface:Chinese/English 5.7 inch touch screen instructing machine
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