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BGA Ball Soldering Machine TG3100
TJ1200Digital spin track
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Trade name】:BGA Ball Soldering Machine TG3100 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:TG3100


BGA Ball Soldering Machine TG3100 characteristic
1, Automatically solder the second ball, and the two axes work in-phase, so compared to U2000, so speed is improved, and deduce the inferior.
2, The soldering head can moveable in the 90° area, so it will not localize in the front and back direction.
3, The speed can adjust to make the soldering head move more stable.
4, It can record 80 linear moving distance, or 30 linear collimation height, radian, displacement data. The soldering line has the Digital displayer, abdication to re-soldering function and modifies the line. Those functions are very useful to the COB machining.
5, Good performance of radian system can adjust the radian at will.
6, For the automatic inspect steel nozzle can control the big height difference of component in the two times soldering.
7, It can be regulate easily for all the knob is on the panel.
8, We can set the pressure of the two times soldering ball independently. So the stability of soldering is ensured.
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BGA Ball Soldering Machine TG3100 Technical parameter :



Power Supply




Can be applied in aluminium route


Ultrasonic power

0~5W can be adjusted continuously

Welding time


Welding pressure

20~100g independently

The min soldering line time

0.28sec/line(span set 1mm Hr)

The most automatic span

More than 6mm

Soldering span recording number

Collimation height+Soldering line span+Radian height 1-80 or 1-30

Worktable moving area

φ> 15mm

Vision system

Can choose Zoom stereo microscope and graphics monitor





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