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Diffusion furnace TK180
Diffusion furnace TK180
Diffusion furnaceTK1800
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Trade name】:Diffusion furnace TK180 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:TK180

The special design of diffusion furnace is used to diffuse and oxidate the semiconductor material, it also can be used in manifold LPCVD technics, such as the nitride-silicon, in solar battery industry, furnace adopts FEC ceramic fiber tube to keep temperature, KANTHEL, furnace hearth adopts quartz tube, and it can pre-vacuumize to participate the sediment gas.
   Temperature control system adopts single return circuit intelligent temperature control instrument, temperature zone design and clapboard structure, and constant temperature zone design, all the above are imported from Japan. Import or China Air-powder control system, flow meter control about quality. Equal temperature, smooth control, rapid warm-up, save-energy, long life, all those characteristic satisfy the requirement of corporation.


Main technical parameter:



Furnace hearth size

ф180(outer diameter) ×2200 mm

Heating zone length

700 mm

Temperature zone spot numbers

3 spots/single tube

Working temperature

RT~ 1200℃(The highest furnace temperature1250℃)

Control accuracy

±1 ℃

Warning protection

Over or lower temperature, couple break and warning protection.

Warm-up power

12KW/single tube


550 Kg

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