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LED Automatic Chip Mounter Model: LED640
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Automatic high precision pick and place machine TP50V-II
Automatic Visional Pick n Place Machine TP400V-II
Desktop Automatic Mounter TP300V
Automatic Visional Pick n Place Machine TP210+
Semi-auto pick and place machine TP39v
manual mounter TP38V
Vacuum mounting machine T028
Vacuum mounting machine T028
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Trade name】:Vacuum mounting machine T028 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:TO28

 Anti-static vacuum pen is an important tool for Handle SMT, it is mainly used to mount, and it is steadier and more effective than the traditional nipper, with the function of anti-static. It can avoid the electrostatic radius during the process of electrical assembly. It can mount the chips at the speed of 3sec./ element. The advanced compressed air system, damping system, multi-stage silencing system, low noise. It adopts special synthetic rubber package so that it can be adjusted as you like, and it has changeless pressure and tolerance.


The Mounter P28 is used together with an antistatic vacuum absorb-pen. The air supply is controlled by a foot switch which achieves exact location and quick mounting of any tiny spacing on chips such as QFP、PLCC、BGA and so on. At the same time X, Y axis have precision machine which can achieve the fine tuning in the directions of X and Y axis. Accuracy of adjustment can be 0.01mm. The mounting of chips which have tiny spacing will be exacter, more effective and easier.