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LED Automatic Chip Mounter Model: LED640
Automatic LED machine Model: LED600
Automatic high precision pick and place machine TP50V-II
Automatic Visional Pick n Place Machine TP400V-II
Desktop Automatic Mounter TP300V
Automatic Visional Pick n Place Machine TP210+
Semi-auto pick and place machine TP39v
manual mounter TP38V
Vacuum mounting machine T028
manual high precision mounter TP39V
bench top modell semiautomatic mounterTP39V
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Trade name】:manual high precision mounter TP39V Tel】:400-618-9522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:TP39V

  TP39V includes six parts:
   1、Mounter (Host body)
   2、PCB Position Platform
   3. Visional system
   3、Guide control system
   4、Mute Vacuum Pump
   5、Component feeding system

  Technical Parameters:
   1 、TP39V has free machinery movement function. Has high precision
   guiderail at X, Y axis, mounter head can move at X axis (levelly) of 540mm,
   Y axis of 375mm
   2. Visional system, component foot and PCB pad can image on 12’’ LCD,
   you can get an accurate mounting for QFP, QFN, PLCC, ect.
   3、 High precision guiderail and bearing at X axis, mounter header can
   move at Z axis (up and down) of 60mm to confirm high accuracy.
   4、Mounter head can rotate freely, θ angle of 0-360°
   5、Max size of printing: 260×280mm
   6、Plate-type feeder can run at rotate at two directions
   7、Mounting speed:300-600 pcs/h
   8、Weight:about 42 kg
   9、Dimension:710mm x 610mm x 475mm

  System configuration:
   1、24 square grid intelligent disc feeder 1 pc
   2、5 pcs belt feeder 2 group
   3、Vacuum air pump(has installed on main machine) 1
   4、PCB position platform 1 suit
   5、Operation support board 1 pc
   6、Mounting system 1 suit
   7、Nozzle 5 pcs
   8、Suction cup 6 pcs

  Operation Process:
   Disc feeder can place 24 kinds of component, belt type can place 15
   kind of component, after the placement of component according to the
   actual require, power is on, operator can move the mounter head to the
   top of the component, the component will be suction up automatically .
   And then move to mounter head to PCB pad, visional system position, rotate
   the head and put the head down towards the related height, mount the
   component on the accurate PCB pad by stepping the foot pedal switch