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Desk automatic pick and place machineTP300
Middle Speed Automatic Mounter TP50L
Middle speed Automatic multifunction mounter TP50V
minitype automatic mounterTP45N
Benchtop Semiautomatic Mounter TP39
manual mounter TP38V
manual mounter TP38
manual mounter TP28
Vacuum mounting machine T028
NC120 automatic nozzle cleaner
minitype automatic mounterTP45N
minitypefull automatic mounterTP45N
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Trade name】:minitype automatic mounterTP45N Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:TP45N
TP45N can release all SMD units including 0201 ,SOIC PLCC BGA to QFPIC(o.5mm foot spacing)
Automatic centering system: The 4 side claws can fit for all SMD component like 0402, SOIC, PLCC及QFP IC.
◆High precision pole system
◆Vision centering system
◆Non-touch laser centering system
◆skillful datum mark system
◆Dispenser glue water and tin pump system


A:Process ability
Mounter speed : 2000-3600 p/h
Mini dimension of release element: 0.6mm*0.3mm
Max dimension of release element : 62mm*62mm (Option: AQ62)
38mm*38mm(image center para position)
20mm*20mm or 38mm*38mm(Image center para position SQ AL IGN)
PCB dimension (without band carrier): 450mm*350mm (with 22 feeder)
Max: 350mm*320mm ( with 88 feeder)
B: Unfeeder
Feeder Number( without band carrier):max 108(8mm/12mm)
C:Number of IC tray: max 4
D:Para position mode : non-contact point laser para position or image para position (Alternative)
E:Image system(two)modules image para position system / module coordinate learning system
F:Programmer mode: image learning/ keyboard input/CAD data direct transform
G:Others: Power supply:100/240V ,AC,1300W Air pressure supply:75psi(5.5bar