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Automatic LED machine Model: LED600
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Automatic Visional Pick n Place Machine TP210+
Semi-auto pick and place machine TP39v
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Automatic multifunction mounter TP500V
Vacuum mounting machine T028
Middle speed Automatic multifunction mounter TP50V
middle speed automatic mounterTP50L
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Trade name】:Middle speed Automatic multifunction mounter TP50V Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:TERMWAY Model】:TP50V
TP system mounter is a automatic mounter, it can mount various of components by vacuum nozzle, it is the most cost-effective mounter in china market at present. The machine is suitable for SMD component 0403, SOIC, PLCC and QFP IC; visional centering system can meet the requirement of high precision 0.5mm pitch of QFP IC or BGA chips.

  1. The machine adopts imported provision square rail to improve placement accuracy.
   2. 2.machine uses unique high -definition optical prism with industrial cameras to complete the visual position and placement of high-precision component components
   3. the one configured vision system can identify the MARK point automatically to improve production efficiency and mounting accuracy.
   4. automatic visional programming, it is no need to input the coordinates of components by manual, programming is simple, easy to learn for beginners and it is convenient and practical.
   5. Standard configuration of automatic nozzle replacement system.
   6. Cost-effective automatic placement machine, it is most suitable for mass production in middle scale and personal use.
   7. Standard configuration: 3 groups of optical vision registration system, 5 pcs of nozzle and a suit of 32 slots of feeder seat.

Optional Part:】:
  1. Automatic feeder
   2. 2. IC tray feeder
   3. 3. PCB automatic transmission system
   4. Nozzle
   5. the second suit of MARK Position system
   6. AQ bottom camera system ( can use to mount 30mm---38mm QFP)

Technical Parameter:】:



Max PCB board size


Max moving range


Max moving range of Z axis


Typical Mounting speed

2000—3200 cph

Max mounting speed

4000 cph

Mounting accuracy


Position method

Visional position

Component available

0402 and IC chips below 30mm, big camera for over 30mm (optional)

Programme method

Data import automatically/ video study/ keyboard input

Driving method

High precision rolling ball and lead screw at X, Y axis

Tape Feeder

8, 12, 16, 24mm optional

Feeder number

64 pcs of 8mm GFTA—08S feeder, 32 pcs at each side

TC tray

2 at most

Operation system


Compressed Air

80 pci (0.5 Mpa)

Power Supply

220V, 50Hz, 3Kw)