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temperature curve measurer TT03
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TT103 is a kind of real-time temperature data memory analyzer. There are two types, TT103 (three channels) and TT107 (seven channels). Every channel matches with its corresponding thermocouple. It can collect data of 3 channels or 7channels at a frequency of 1Hz for 600 seconds. The data is saved in a non-volatile EPROM. The data can be stored in the machine for a long time without batteries. The data will not be renewed until next collection. Replacing batteries will not cause the losing of the data.
TT103 owns a standard RS232 interface which can be connected directly with the serial port on the PC. With the help of the software it can transfer the data of the analyzer to the PC. The software works under Windows. Friendly interface, multiple functions. The curve of each channel can be displayed on the screen or printed with a printer.
Small bulk and simple usage. It is widely used for measuring the welding temperature curve of the wave solder and reflow oven.
二、Technical standards
1.Temperature detecting range: 0~300℃
2.Accuracy: ±2℃
3.Sampling interval: 1 Sec
4.Max Sampling time : 600 Sec
5.Sampling path number : 3 (order 7)
6.Sensor Type: Ni-Ch and Cr-Si (K Type) Thermocouple
7.Power supply : Charging Batteries

三、Panel of collecting instrument
Data collecting panel
Indicating light: When the switch is in the position of “collecting”, the light keeps light for half second and then out for half second . It means machine is sampling normally. When the sampling time reaches 600 seconds, the pilot lamp will crush out .And the switch will turn in the position of “storage”, the lamp keeps light until data transfer is over .
四、Date collection
1.Insert the thermocouple into the corresponding channel and fix it at the testing point. Then lay the analyzer at a proper place.
2.Keep the switch in the position of collecting, and then turn on the power switch (light for 0.5s and out for 0.5s), the pilot lamp starts to gleam .It means the instrument is working normally.
3.Start up the band carrier of welding oven, and make the instrument enter into the oven with the band carrier.
4.When the instrument comes out from the oven, Put the switch in the position of storage, then turn off the power switch.
Attention: the order of turning on and turning off must be complied. Otherwise the data will lose. If the time in oven is over 600 seconds, the pilot lamp will black out automatically. At this time, you must put the switch in he position of storage, and turn off the power switch.
五、Data storage
1.Connect the collecting instrument with the serial port of PC by Communication cable. The communication cable is a 25 –pin one. It can be connected with a 25-pin serial port.
2.Run the instrument software in the PC.
3.Select “receive data through serial port” in the menu (or select the button in the toolbar which has the corresponding function), turn on the power switch after the hint appears in the screen.
4.Turn off the power switch after finishing receiving data.
Notice: if “wrong election of the serial port” appears, it is often caused by the difference between the serial port that is set by software and the serial port of the analyzer that is connected to the PC. Press “start” button after choose another serial port in “communication port election”.


六、Software Setup installation of collecting instrument
The software can run in Windows95 (or under this edition).Please install with the next process.
1.Install a new file in hard disk.
2.Copy the all contents of the three software, which is to this new file.
3.Run the Setup .exe of file, according to the clew on the screen ,you can install the instrument.
七、Software function of collecting instrument
1.receiving data through serial port
八、Batteries replacing
TT03 adopts a 9V laminated Battery. When the battery needs replacing, the four fixing screws on the shell must be loosed. After opening the cover, the battery nip will be then seen.
九、Instrument list of TT03
1.Moving temperature data collecting instrument 1
2.Ni-Ch and Cr-Si (K Type) Thermocouple 3 (or 7 )
3.Software of TT03 3 1.44MM Disk
4.Communication cable 1
5.Change-over plug (25 change to 9) 1
6.Instruction : 1
十、Concrete Model
TT03 (450degree 3path)
TT07 (450degree 7path)

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