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PCB Plate making machine
TORCH series:
PCB Plate making machine PCB2100D
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PROMA series:
Germany PROMA PCB Plate making machine CNC3600A
Germany PROMA PCB plate making machine CNC3000
Germany PROMA PCB Plate making machine CNC3600A
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Trade name】:Germany PROMA PCB Plate making machine CNC3600A Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Germany PROMA corporation Model】:CNC3600A

CNC3600A Series: it is particularly suitable for making precision double board; with automatic replacing system which is standard. precision screw with three-axis servo controller which are standard; X Y axis precise controlling;
high precision repetition to ensure continuous error less than 1mil.

A. Advantage: engraving double board, with engraving, drilling and cutting.
B. High efficiency: It will take a few minutes to complete a circuit board.
C. High precision: high precision screw with three-axis drive system to ensure high-precision of transmission carving.
D. convenient: easy to install hardware and software which can engrave a variety of circuit boards.
E. Confidentiality: There is no exterior manufacture, laboratory can complete the entire process.
F. Chinese operating software, easy to use. Memory engraving process which can continue to complete at any break.
G. isolator and dust cover for three sides, it is suitable for multi-angle presentation and observation in teaching, with safety protection devices in front door to ensure operator safety.
H. With graver head, cooling and dust catching system, it extends using life effectively and enhances carving recision.
I. Chinese operation software, with memory function during engraving.
J. Removing redundant copper during engraving, enchasing line, saving time and improving efficiency.
K. Multi-function data conversion software, it is suitable for a variety of PCB design software.
L. isolator and dust cover, with safety device to ensure operator safety.
Technology parameters】:
1、min line diameter:4mil
2、line width 0.15mm
3、min insulative space:0.15
4、repetition accuracy:0.015mm
5、min drilling diameter:0.3mm
6、drive resolving power ≦1um
7、working range:300*400*100mm
8、the speed of principal axis:10000-60000RPM
9、the power of principal axis:150W
10、automatic changing graver, 9 sets graver head, the handle 3mm-3.175mm
11、drive:high precision screw with three axis servo controller
12、flat compensate: make sure board flat and engraving accuracy
13、light device:With light device to observe engraving process
14、dust cleaner: professional dust cleaner to ensure inside clean
15、software:professional automatic changing graver software
16、operation system:Win98/2000/XP
17、min memory:512MB
Remark: include 1M/P air compressor, 10 sets graver and aiguille