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PCB Plate making machine
TORCH series:
PCB Plate making machine PCB2100
PCB plate making machine PCB2000
PCB High-precision plate making machine PCB2200
PROMA series:
Germany PROMA PCB Plate making machine CNC3600
Germany PROMA PCB plate making machine CNC3100
Germany PROMA PCB plate making machine CNC3000
Germany PROMA PCB plate making machine CNC3200
PCB Plate making machine PCB2100
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Trade name】:PCB Plate making machine PCB2100 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:PCB2100


Least line diameter and least line spacing 10mil
Worktable board 250×180mm
Working speed 1.8m/min
Means of communication/speed RS232/57600bps
Main shaft speed 32000rpm
Main shaft power 220W
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Operation system Win98/2000/XP
Mix memory 256MB
Volume 500×520×460mm
Weight 88kg
Max dimension of PCB 250×180mm

Host computer 1, instruction 1, Direct current main shaft motor 1, data-line 1, power line 1, cutter 20, drill bit 27, locating pin 5, spanner of changing cutter 2.

Add: If the user had any special request, please arrange with us.