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PCB Plate making machine
TORCH series:
PCB Plate making machine PCB2100D
PCB plate making machine PCB2300
PROMA series:
Germany PROMA PCB Plate making machine CNC3600A
Germany PROMA PCB plate making machine CNC3000
PCB Plate making machine PCB2100D
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Trade name】:Plate making machine
Model PCB2100D
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:PCB2100D

  PROTEL.PCB file import driving program, carving, drilling, cutting edge, full CNC operation. With the software controlling, X, Y, Z axis drive motors do the appropriate action, driving high-speed spindle motor move according to program instructions. Spindle motor drive cutting tool to shape components according to user requirements.

Technology parameters】:
   min line diameter:10mil (0.25mm double)
   min line interval:12mil (0.3mm)
   drive:gliding screw and import line rail
   communication speed:57600bps
   speed of principal axis:32000rpm
   power of principal axis:50W
   max area:250×180mm
   working speed:4.5M/ Minute
   drill diameter:0.5~3.175mm
   drill depth:0.2~3mm
   power supply:AC220V 50Hz
   operation system:Win98/2000/XP
   min memory:256MB