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Automatic CNC plating and drilling machine PCB2300
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Trade name】:Automatic CNC plating and drilling machine PCB2300 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:PCB2300

1. Drill on copper board.
2. Control cutting depth mill, get rid of unnecessary copper, come into lead pad.
3. Mill, using cut from shape line to separate PCB and plates.
4. Set the original point directly, has re-position function.
5. Software suppositional process which can preview process path.
6. Real time process path and schedule on show.
7. Multi-hole drill finished for once, avoid cutter replacing frequently.
8. Continue drilling at stop area, it can stop and re drill in any place.
9. Drill combination, using two cutters which can short process time.
10. Choose to drill in any area, it can satisfy with mending drill and precision drill.
11. Adjusting high rotate speed motor, the highest speed is up 60000rpm.
12. Intelligent rotate controlling, optimize motor speed according to cutter.

Specification and technical parameter】:
method:X、Y、Z axis step motor
Max rotating speed:60000 rpm
Max moving speed:2.4 m/min
Min line diameter:4 mil
Min line distance:4 mil
Manufacture speed:2.4m/minute
PCB size : 200*200mm
Drilling depth:0.02~3mm
Drilling hole diameter:0.4~3.175mm
Drilling speed:100 Strokes/min (Max)
Communication interface:RS232
Computer system:CPU:PⅢ-500MHz 以上;
Operation system:WindowsXP/Vista
Power supply:AC(220±22)V,(50±1)Hz
Power:180 VA
Weight:65kg(Host 51kg、Electronic control case 14kg)
Main feature:
1、The plating and drilling machine can plate double-size board, and plating process is very simple.
2、Plating speed can be changed, it can make out thin linear, and plating process can stop when plating.
3、It can continue to plate at stop place and it has area plating function, which can make up some situations that copper was not plate well due to some reason.