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Trade name】:Chemical tinning machine PCB350 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:torch Model】:PCB350

This equipment is used to tin on the surface of PCB and enhance welding, at the same time it can protect
PCB to not be etching.

Technology parameters】:
1、voltage range:DC0~8V
2、current range:DC0~10A
3、electroplating time:10-15 minutes. The time can be set according to your detail request.
4、max capacity:490mm×290mm×350mm
6、max power:350W
After electroplating and solidifying copper, put the copper board into tinning machine, there are 2 purposes:
1. tin on the PCB and holes to finish plating PCB;2. enhance linking stably and welding effect after tinning.
1 fix the board which has been electroplated and solidified, and then put it into tinning liquor, the pothook
links rod of cathode.
2 please adjust current according to size of board. The standard of current is : 2A/(dm)2, please calculate area of double side if it is double side board.
3 take board out after 15 minutes.
4 Please use liquor exit to let liquor out.
5 Speed timing can adjust sway speed which is new design to control speed.

Add: If the user had any special request, please arrange with us.