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Trade name】: Brusher PS400 Tel】:400-618-9522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:PS400

  The machine is used for taking off oil and oxide layer; mainly for PCB board polishing treatment, also for stainless steel, aluminium plate and cooper plate. The process includes board input, brushing, water washing, board output.
Main technical parameter】:
  1、Effective width:400 mm
   2、Working height:850mm±25mm
   3、Transmission speed:0.5~5m/min(adjustable)
   4、Manufacturing size:
   5、Roller Brushes specification:Φ80×415㎜(diameter×length)grid size:320目
   6、Roller Brushes rotating speed:1826r/min
   7、Roller Brushes motor:0.75KW
   8、Transmission motor:150W
   10、Water flow capacity:15-20L/min