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Manual high precision screen printing machine T1000
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Trade name】: Manual high precision screen printing machine T1000 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:T1000


screen printing machine is common equipment in SMT industry, printing process include:
1、put and fix PCB(Printed circuit board) at the bottom of moulding board;
2、put solder paste into inside the template scraper is moved by drive device, solder paste is printed on the PCB through the bore on the template
3、Raise the template, take out PCB board, finish printing pad on it. the scraper moving of automatic printing is drive by parallel guideway with screw drive, using screw rotate to finish scraper moving; rubber scraper is used in manual printer. Speed, angle and pressure are controlled by operators. with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the integration of emerging chip increase, the accuracy of the printer made great challenges, especially for small manual printer, some problems are below: 1.the worktable can’t meet high precision printing;2.manual speed, angle and pressure are not controlled very well;3. printing consistency is a problem. Manual printer T1000 resolve above problems. Now, T1000 has applied patent in China. T1000 is similar function with automatic printers with low cost. It reduce cost and improve efficiency.
T1000 principle and technology parameters

  1. T1000 is manual high precision screen printing machine, without electric components and air components(air handspike)
  2. Scraper moving is driven by precision guideway to make no space touch between scraper and moulding board.
  3. Using magnetism thimble and omnipotent thimble to position and support PCB to make sure take off template.
  4. Install template with double side fixing technology.
  5. with two scrapers design. The pressure adjustment is by mechanism adjusted, mechanism insurance control ascend and descend of scraper.
  6. Round axes guideway can be adjusted by fix frame. All kinds of moulding board can be installed on printers.
  7. lifting template can be finished by handle, using it with air handspike.
  8. X,Y,Z and angle can be adjusted, adjusting 4 axes to achieve corresponding between pad and bore, adjust distance between PCB and moulding board by platform.
  9. Fix scraper and run it on the parallel guideway, there are front scraper and back scraper. They can ascend and descend, after step 1, front(back) scraper fall down printing location, and then run backward(frontward), after running, scrapers go back original station.

10 max print area:300*400mm
11 max size of steel board:400*500m. The width of moulding board can be adjusted, 4 points location plane.

  1. Scraper:200mm, the forward and backward scope is more than 410mm
  2. Scraper angle:60o
  3. Scraper material: stainless steel(other material can be ordered)
  4. Adjusting accuracy:<0.01mm
  5. repeat accuracy:<0.03mm.
  6. expected printing accuracy:0.4mm IC;tin ball of BGA is more than 0.5mm
  7. Expected printing speed:60-100pcs/h

high precision liner guideway






two scrapers                     3 axes moving platform

moulding board rack can be adjusted air handspike support to lift moulding board