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Lead free nitrogen reflow oven with temperature testing T200N+
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Lead free reflow oven with temperature testing T200N+
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Trade name】:Lead free reflow oven with temperature testing T200N+ Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Model】:T200N+

What’s T200N+?

T200N+=nitrogen lead free reflow oven T200N+temperature tester
T200N+ is not only with lead free welding function, but also with temperature measurement function.
Adjusting temperature curve constantly in order to get better welding in SMT field. Adjusted temperature is very important which is testing temperature by temperature tester. Temperature tester is used to measure temperature, process improvement and data analysis. In addition it can save data. This machine can meet requirements of ISO9001 system greater.
High reliability; measure actual temperature in real time for pad; draw temperature chart randomly; the format of temperature report is nice; high cost performance.
T200N+ introduce
T200A is manufactured by Torch in 2001, which is the first desk lead free reflow oven.
As an epoch-making product, T200C break instrument controlling market in 2005.
T200N is the first nitrogen reflow oven in domestic in 2006. It entered the Texas instrument of United States, University of Texas in United States, Status Pro Corporation in Germany, LOGICOM company in Singapore, Flextronics Technology (Shanghai), Datang Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd, Tianjin University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing University of Technology, Zhenhua semiconductor companies and other well-known research laboratories and factories. and other well-known enterprises and laboratories.
Torch develops and manufactures new products T200N+ according to requirement and need from domestic and foreign market. T200N+ is suitable to small batch products, it is the good choice for electronics enterprises and research institutes, at the same time it is the complementary equipment for large and medium-sized production line.
T200N+ unique features

  1. With all advance of T200N
  2. With single channel temperature measurement (multi channels is optical), T200N+ has been the first-class reflow oven. It make up market blank.
  3. With heater installation technology which is patent in desk reflow oven, the temperature is more uniformity which is less than 10℃, it is the highest standard.
  4. With air cycle and vent technology which is patent in desk reflow oven, it improve temperature uniformity and air cycle effect.
  5. With door drive device which is patent in desk reflow oven to make sure worktable stable when PCB is out, and at the same time it can make chips don’t move.
  6. With save nitrogen technology. When door is open, nitrogen will close automatically, when door is close, nitrogen will open automatically. It can save nitrogen and reduce cost effectively.
  7. With vent smoke function. It is convenient to emitting exhaust gas.
  8. With purifying and filtering exhaust gas function
  9. With automatic door device. When finishing welding, door will open. With airproof technology, it can improve heat preservation effect and save nitrogen.

T200N+ features
▲ Computer control
Operate parameters by computer software can meet different welding requirement.

  1. High precision ,multi- functions

It breaks through the shortages such as the difficulty of meter control program, the difficulty of modify parameter, limited storage of temperature curve. It adopts the software for temperature control, which is produced by Torch itself. The temperature curve can be set intuitively. And a large number of temperature curves can be stored. Analysis and statistics function, printing function.

Batch set 40 segments temperature curce
Real time testing with temperature curve
Test the temperature curve of soldering at every time. During the process of welding, the actual temperature can be displayed at the same time. It is convenient to adjust and control the lead-free curve. Especially control the heat preservation zone and the melting zone
▲ Viewable operation, The real time display of temperature and the real time observation of the welding process. It is the best choice for science research and teaching.

testing temperature curve

tested temperature curve
▲ temperature curve: real temperature curve and history temperature curve can be analyzed, it is convenient to improve.

T200N+ technology parameters
A: Temperature control segment:40 segments
The segment can be set in computer according to the actual requirement.
B: Temperature-zone numbers: Single-zone and multi-segment
C: Temperature control system:PC control system, SSR non-contact output
D: Temperature accuracy : ± 2 ℃
E: Warm-up time:3min
F: Temperature range :Room-temperature -360 ℃
G: Heating supply: Infrared ray + Hot air convection
H: Effective working table area:270mm * 220mm
I: Welding time : 3min ± 1min
J Temperature curve: It can be set, adjusted and tested according to the actual requirement .
K: Cooling system:Transverse flow equal cooling
N: Rated voltage:AC single-phase, 220V; 50Hz
O: Rated power :3.8 KW Mean power: 1.6kw
P: Weight: 45 kg
Q: Dimension :Length*width*height 700* 460*310mm