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Automatic optical inspection TV430
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Trade name】:Automatic optical inspection TV430 Tel】:0086-10-51669522
Manufacturer】:Torch Technology Model】:TV430

  Automatic optical detector TV430 includes five parts: three-axis servo drive system, hardware control systems, optical automatic identification systems, high-precision optical inspection system which is made up of industrial-grade optical camera and the body. The high precision lead rail and screw rod which are from Japan THK are applied in three-axis drive system; effective guarantee of delivery accuracy. Automatic optical inspector can make sure high transmission accuracy; it is suitable for inspecting unqualified components, independent parts, chips and so on. It improves production efficiency and quality.

  Technology features:
   1 Place PCB
   a) Splint device with no barrier makes the circuit board pick and place convenient, boundless card board device with patent that can clamp circuit board components which are zero margins.
   2 asynchronous testing function
   a) Confirming testing result artificially, at the same time testing next PCB which can save testing time.
   3 refill function
   a) Every component can be set many standard templet, which is suitable for multi-material and soldering.
   4、 choose MARK discretionarily
   a)Besides traditional rotundity、rectangle、crisscross and triangle marks, the characteristic signs are used for marks discretionarily.
   5、discretional angle measure
   a) Measuring from discretional angle is suitable for all components、solder and bridge testing
   6、 Optimize automatic route
   a) To ensure the camera with the shortest and fastest way testing, Camera walking position is optimized based on intelligent machine learning methods.
   7、Divide up IC pin and independent components foot
   a) Divide up IC pin and independent components automatically and set testing parameters automatically.

  Components inspection

  It can inspect components missing, components dislocation, reversion ,components damage, improper components, error polarity and so on. This product is developed by ourselves which make use of color, station and static information of digital to inspect colorful identifier on the components.It has high precision.

  Welding pad inspection

  There are obvious differences for little solder, normal solder and over solder by colorful lamp-house disposal. It has lower requirement to location accuracy of components and then inspect low precision PCB.

  IC welding feet inspection

  It can identify IC welding feet automatically by identifying ways , and jointing welding is very sensitive through analyzing pictures. It has lower requirement for location accuracy of IC. It can inspect IC components which is placed by hand.

   Stable transportation system
   With AC servo motor system, guide rail and screw rod are THK products from Japan.
   Position automatically without CAD data
   The software can find components and program according chosen ways without CAD data of PCB.
   Special light technology
   LED 3 colors 3 angles light source (4 colors can be chosen)
   Strong study function automatically
   All kinds of specification components don’t be disposal specially, they can be study within components frame. SRT-VT-100 software can disposal automatically according to different components. Solder tin study and IC welding feet study are finished automatically. It will take less than 20 minutes.
   Simple manufacture environment requirement
   Don’t need set special components software, encapsulation software and others, the XY coordinates and BOM of PCB are OK.
   Intelligent study
   The system not only can get location parameter of IC feet, but also modify parameters in the program automatically, making testing data more general. It can reduce unjustice and improve accuracy.



PCB size

20*20 mm -330*430 mm

Thickness range


The height of

± 40mm

min component

0201/(can tailor-made for 01005)


servo motor + ball bearing screw rod



testing item

Missing,wrong、misoriented component、error position observe、damage、
polarity error、insufficent solder 、over solder、jointing solder、IC
solder、Chromatic circle testing、OCR word identify 、bar code and so on

the fastest

14cm2/s~20 cm2/s


0-360 °

Camera pels

15um/ pels (can tailor-made for 8um/pels)

light source

3 color 4 angle LED light


CCD digital camera head

Identify bar code

Code39、Code128、Inter leaved20f5、EAN12、PDF-417、Data Matrix

Linear ground distance height


Communication device at front and rear

SMEMA standard or tailor-made

operation Windows XP or Windows2000
Power supply AC220V,50Hz
Environment 5℃- 39℃
Environment 5% - 90%
platform height 50mm
weight 260kg
Dimension 877*740*1200mm
Optional testing result printer、SPC module, offline program software, repair station
Error offset range no
Space of PCB no
Max PCB weight no